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Published July 29, 2022
Location Albuquerque, NM
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Job Description

Many people experiencing homelessness are at higher risk of both getting COVID19 and suffering from COVID19 because many have chronic health issues. In addition, the people experiencing homelessness do not have the opportunity to self-isolate or self-quarantine themselves. The Corona Crushers is a multi-sectoral collaboration led by the City of ABQ with the goal of preventing COVID 19 in people experiencing homelessness. The key elements of the response include:
1) Identification and testing of people with possible COVID19 at the Client Shelter and other shelters in the City of ABQ
2) Isolation of people with COVID 19 symptoms, travelers from high risk areas, anyone with Contact with someone with COVID19, and any one with COVID 19 either at the Bluepod Isolation area at the Client , or at the Hilton Garden Inn
3) Adaptation of COVID 19 preventive measure in shelters: Mask Use, Modified Sheltering in Place, Frequent Handwashing with adequate supplies, Social Distancing (at least 6 ft. apart if possible
4) Provide Early medical care with Collaborative Medical Care Model
5) Partnership: Coordination of multi-sector groups (govt., Non-profits, Community and University) for COVID19 Prevention for People Exp. Homelessness

Position Summary:
As a critical part of the Corona Crushers Global Strategy, the Operations Nurse for the COVID 19 program is tasked with the helping to reduce exposure and spread of COVID19 by assuring the operationalization of the following:
1) Pre-screening and screening at the Westside Emergency Housing Center (Client), and Wellness Hotels;
2) Isolating people with potential COVID19 in Bluepod Isolation area until transfer is possible
3) Promoting COVID19 Behavior Change Measure; thereby protecting the health and safety of the Residents and Staff of the Shelter;
4) Evaluation and monitoring of the impact of the work

Responsibility I:
Implements COVID19 Shelter Prevention Strategy in Client and Wellness Hotel
• Assure temperature and symptom pre-screening of all residents at the Client and Wellness Hotel
• Temperature > 100.4
• Symptoms as per Screening document
• Possible exposure to another with COVID infection
• Travel outside of NM or areas of concern within NM
• Maintain supplies, including PPE
• Surgical/Procedure mask
• Safety glasses/face shields
• Gloves
• Documents inventory
• Assure Appropriate Isolation at Client and Transfer of Residents to Hotel Isolation
• Assist with scheduling COVID-19 vaccination appointments for Client guests
Responsibility 2: Training: Assure training and fidelity of implementing the prevention and outbreak control measures
a. Maintain and update training processes and protocols for Heading Home screeners and Bluepod Staff at Client, HGI and Super 8
• How to take temperatures
• How to ask specific symptom survey questions (e.g., non-leading, allow time for resident to reply)
• When to apply bands to Residents' wrists when cleared
• Quarantine and isolation processes
b. Collaborate with Heading Home Blue Team/Screening Supervisors for implementation of screening and support of the Bluepod
• Ensure proper training and oversight provided to Heading Home staff and Wellness Hotel staff with screening
• Maintain training records
• Establish and modify Screeners' schedule based on timing of busses and Blue Dorm residents
• Provide Supportive Supervision of all Shelter Screeners
Responsibility 3: Testing of Residents
• Responsible for the maintenance and inventory of rapid Ag test and regular PCR test kits
• Rapid and PCR testing of any symptomatic residents picked up on screening
• Track the testing done on the residents using the DOH Tracker
• Reporting of Rapid Antigen testing to DOH FTPS via FileZilla daily.
• Ensuring SLD testing is sent to the labs in a timely manner
• Follow up on lab results done
• Ensuring lab is cleaned and stocked daily
• Updating CLEA logbook
Responsibility 4: Health Promotion at the Client and Center
• Support training and follow up for key preventive measures at the Client and Wellness Center in coordination with Heading Home
• Implement health promotion strategies for preventive measures
• Track the uptake of key prevention measures at Client and Wellness hotel
• Assist Client guests with medical needs, scheduling of appointments, connection with healthcare providers
Responsibility 5: Monitoring and Evaluation
Assure Data required for monitoring and evaluation of overall response
a. Daily After Action Review email:
1. Document events outside of screening; e.g., medical
2. Screening issues
3. Resident refusal for screening,
4. Number of residents transferred to Blue Dorm and/or Super 8
5. Screen/symptom survey tally
b. Review and coordinate transfers for Wellness Hotel and Super 8 in coordination with site manager
c. Assure medical intake forms for transfers for both Wellness Hotel and Super 8 for use in continuous quality improvement
d. Weekly reporting of key data measures in coordination with the Medical Director
Work Hours: 7 AM- 5 PM Sun (Days Variable shared between 2-3 people)

Qualifications: LPN/RN Preferable or health professional with health promotion background

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