Preventative – Predictive Maintenance Technician

at Eco Services Operations, LLC
Location Baton Rouge, LA
Date Posted July 7, 2021
Category Default
Job Type Full-time


• Review e-mail and SAP daily for emergency requests from plant personnel

• Attends daily meeting to receive and discuss priority and routine work orders.

• Selects, installs, and operates diagnostic apparatus such as ultra sonic, laser alignment, infrared camera, and strobe light during test cycle on main gas blowers, pumps and motors to produce, and record vibration on a hand held computer throughout the plant. Performs problem solving, which may involve dismantling of equipment using hand tools to determine root cause of elevated vibration recordings such as faulty bearing in motor/pump. Follows lock-out/tag-out procedures, checks documentations of entry permit and checks to make sure lines are closed and locked.

• Analyzes data collected within the field by downloading electronic information into computer to be reviewed, and converting into usable form for transmitting test results.

• Communicates findings with plant personnel as to the problem, and the urgency of the repair to determine when planned maintenance will least interfere with unit operations.

• Orders replacement parts using SAP to have the failed equipment repaired.

• Loads route into the data collector from PC. Route contains mechanical equipment to be tested. Routes are performed monthly. Completes one route generally within 5 - 7 hours without any interruptions.

• Performs weekly testing procedure of the firewater pumps within the plant. Coordinates with unit control room to avoid interfering with activities of other workers. Insures that alarms activate with decline of pressure, both diesel, electrical and jockey pumps are operating according to standards, and obtains vibration readings on pumps.

• Assists the auto mechanic in maintenance procedures on firewater pumps, which includes changing batteries, oil and filters.

• Assist in yearly testing of system to certify pumps operational efficiency is in accordance with NFPA Standards.

• Performs ladder, harness, respirator and scooter monthly safety inspections.

• Obtains an average of 60 oil samples on turbines, motors, gearboxes & etc. for quarterly inspection plant-wide. Obtains an average of 20 samples on a monthly basis.

• Performs semi-annual inspection using ultra sonic testers on steam, drip or tracer traps.

• May use the thermal imaging (infra-red camera) on tanks and compressors to obtain readings to insure operation efficiency. Also obtains temperature readings on valves with camera or contact pyrometer. May utilize piping instrument or vessel drawings to locate appropriate traps.

• Utilizes a laser alignment tool during inspection procedures for large and high velocity equipment, motors and pumps.

• Operates a strobe light to obtain RPM (revolutions per minute) reading on rotating equipment and perform slow motion studies.

• Prepares area, installs, and operates external flow meter to obtain readings indicating rate of liquid flow in piping.

• Utilizes balancer to inspect and correct rotation in pumps, impellers, and electrical motors.

• Develops and modifies vibration standard or procedures to improve production methods, equipment performance and quality of equipment to increase efficiency of shop, department, or operations.

• Participates as team member to reviews and analyzes to determine causes of equipment failure. Performs research to identify availability of new material such as couplings, bearings, lubricants to improve equipment efficiency and reliability. Communicates with vendor or machinist shops to view product and literature or to monitor off-site equipment repairs.

• Participates as a team member on research and development projects to upgrade operations and to assist in installing/monitoring new equipment.

• Participates in the World Class Manufacturing programs as required and other implement problems.

• Performs as backup for machinist and millwright as needed, based on skill level.

• Utilizes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to specific plant location or per job task specification.

• Performs other duties/projects as specified by supervisor, and parameters are indicative to average requirements that are not inclusive based on change in operational, safety, or environmental factors.

• Assist in the management of two electronic databases files and a hard copy file of all equipment, which includes inputting data of equipment location, numbers, and bill of material. Files hard copy or record on each equipment/mechanical device in designated area.

• Verify accuracy of equipment identification and location number in collaboration with engineering personnel, and to ensure the written description correlates with the information provided through visual inspection. Specification sheet will include data entries such as dimensions, manufactory information, etc.

• Monitors hoist and overhead crane inspection, and enter documentation to update records, files, and database. Copies load testing certificate and files these in designated area. Writes work orders required to resolve deficiencies.

• Provides photographic documentation of equipment failures as well as equipment measurements to be input electronically on the computer for bids from vendors/shops as to cost estimation of repair services.

• Monitor outside vendor/shops regarding proper repair procedures. Oversee inspection and provides necessary information to outside vendor/shop to facilitate repair process. Prepares equipment specification manual for outside vendor/shop.

• Performs documentation of repair completed including parts repaired or replaced during the maintenance process.

• Complete Periodic Equipment Inspection Report for the pre-planning process during turn-around or shutdowns. Supplies list of critical equipment parts required completing equipment maintenance during shutdown.

• Performs steam trap function testing with ultra-sonic and contact/non-contact pyrometers.

• Oversees the execution and entering of repair notifications for site wide gas leak surveys

• Utilizes Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) according to specific plant location or per job task specification.

• Performs other duties/projects as specified by supervisor, and parameters are indicative to average requirements that are not inclusive based on change in operational, safety, or environmental factors

Minimum Requirements: To be successful and effective in position:

8-10 years in industrial setting as millwright, machinist, operator, or fixed inspector equipment.

In-Plant training/on the job training. § Technical vibration training certification (Vibration Institute Level I and II [or equivalent] preferred)

Associates degree (A.A.) or equivalent from two-year college or technical school; OR § An equivalent combination of education and experience

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